Friday, March 9, 2012

"Those are horrible words!...except when our friends use them."

Without wading too far into the mess that Rush Limbaugh made for himself, let's look at the amazing (but not surprising) double standard that exists for those on the Left.

The video clip at the bottom of this post - produced by SHE PAC - pays particular attention to "comedian" Bill Maher - a loathsome fellow, really - who has practically made a career out of being a Republican-hating misogynist. (He also made news, recently, by donating $1 million to the president's Super PAC.)

President Obama's Super PAC, as well as current and former aides, have rejected giving Maher's money back. Who said you can't buy loyalty?

Funny (not), how the president feels compelled to call a political/legal activist after she's called inappropriate names, yet he doesn't even think twice about ignoring "victims" when his own buddies say much, much worse.

As George Orwell wrote in "Animal Farm" - "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others."

Bonus: Apparently, the "get Rush" strategy is starting to have some blowback for the White House...

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