Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The smartest man in any room makes it easy to understand...

Why do some people have more than others...and is that wrong?

Watch this video (below) of NYU Law prof Richard Epstein and you'll come to understand several things...better:

-- Economics.

-- That the folks in D.C. are doing it (everything) wrong.

-- That the smart guy(s) at PBS ain't all that smart.

-- That Prof. Epstein packs more into a few minutes of explaining than most teachers/profs do in an entire career.

Watch the video and learn.


Cali Tatum said...

special in that it is posted on PBS as well

Antonio A. Prado said...

Ah, and PBS is having technical difficulties preventing the video from streaming. How curious.

GM said...

Mr. Epstein always presents his views in a clear manner and I agree with him one hundred percent! Amen!