Thursday, October 20, 2011

The monster's final moments...

Pleading for his life... (photo: Reuters)

WARNING: The video clips below contain graphic/violent/bloody footage.

Today, the people of Libya, the Middle East and the world are free from the evil that was Muammar Gaddafi -- the bloody dictator/terrorist of Libya.

Like other dictators before him -- and certainly others who will come and go for generations to come -- he met his end at the hands of those he oppressed. And the sentence he received for his transgressions -- his inhumanity to man -- was rough justice.

Like other extraordinarily cruel despots before him, Gaddafi -- who fancied himself as a brave warrior -- was found cowering in a hole. After pleading with his captors, including asking them, "What did I ever do to you?," he was summarily executed.

Another dictator, another rat hole... (photo: Reuters)

This cancer on Libya, the region and the world is gone.

Thank God.

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