Friday, September 23, 2011

Don't know much about history...

"The Little 'Intercontinental' Train That Could"...

If you haven't already heard about it, the president -- while in the midst of a failed campaign stunt -- made another speech gaffe.

Here's how the LA Times covered it:

"We’re the country that built the Intercontinental Railroad" -- Barack Obama.

That's what the president of the United States flat-out said Thursday during what was supposed to be a photo op to sell his jobs plan next to an allegedly deteriorating highway bridge.

A railroad between continents? A railroad from, say, New York City all the way across the Atlantic to France? Now, THAT would be a bridge!

It's yet another humorous gaffe by the Harvard graduate, overlooked by most media for whatever reason. Like Obama saying Abraham-Come-Lately Lincoln was the founder of the Republican Party. Or Navy 'corpseman.' Or the Austrian language. Fifty-seven states. The president of Canada. Etc.

If you talk as much as this guy likes to talk instead of governing, if you believe you are a Real Good Talker as much as this guy does, you're gonna blow a few lines. But this many?

What's interesting about this particular gaffe, is that it's not the first time the president said the exact same thing. Here, check out this interview he gave earlier this year (below):

Maybe they don't teach American history at Harvard...

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