Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jobs in Job No. 1...

Jobs, jobs, jobs.

That's all we hear from the president these days.

We hear it, but don't see much improvement. (I wonder why?)

The Washington Examiner has an interesting pick-up, via the Huffington Post (video below):

“If it seems President Obama has made a ‘hard pivot’ about every six weeks or so to focus on his ‘top priority’ of job creation, you are correct, he has. The folks at Huffington Post have compiled a striking video of the repeated declarations by Obama and his political allies that his top priority is ‘jobs, jobs, jobs’ since his inauguration in January 2009. Which raises an interesting question: He's been telling us for two years that job creation is his most important goal, but the unemployment rate remains stuck above nine percent, with millions of Americans having given up on finding a job more than a year ago. Doesn't this suggest that Obama doesn't know what he's doing?”

Gee, ya think?

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