Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Foot -- meet mouth

The Gaffenator strikes...again!

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the Arizona Democrat shot in the head by a gunman in January, made a dramatic entrance onto the House floor yesterday to cast her vote for the debt ceiling deal.

Predictably, her appearance brought the entire chamber to its feet and temporarily united the both sides of the aisle, which had been at odds over the debt vote for several weeks.

The moment was a tribute not only to the courageous Congresswoman who has beaten all odds to merely survive the assassination attempt against her, but also to her colleagues who were able to recognize what her presence meant.

But leave it to Vice President Joe Biden to put his special touch on the evening.

According to numerous sources, "Biden, never one to miss an opportunity to say something out of the ordinary told media, 'I told her she’s now a member of the cracked head club, like me, with two craniotomies. It was just so good to see.'”

Really, Joe? Really?

The courageous Rep. Gabrielle Giffords makes her triumphant return to Congress...

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