Sunday, December 5, 2010

Do as I say...

...not as I chew.

News item: Congress Approves Child Nutrition Bill - WASHINGTON — Congress gave final approval on Thursday to a child nutrition bill that expands the school lunch program and sets new standards to improve the quality of school meals, with more fruits and vegetables. Michelle Obama lobbied for the bill as a way to combat obesity and hunger. About half of the $4.5 billion cost is financed by a cut in food stamps starting in several years. Mrs. Obama said she was thrilled by passage of what she described as a groundbreaking piece of legislation.

While it seems that a bill to reduce obesity - specifically among youth - would be a laudable goal, there are some elements of the typically "fattened-up" bill that have more than a few folks unhappy with it.

According to another report, "Some, and not just the big mama grizzly [meaning Sarah Palin, who came out against the proposed law], fault the bill as being too restrictive because it eliminates not only junk food sold regularly in school, but also limits school fundraisers," according to ABC. Alexa Marrero, spokeswoman for House Education and Labor committee Republicans is quoted as saying, the new rules 'wouldn’t just apply to school meals but things like bake sales that are also used as fundraisers, or concessions sold at sporting events.'”

Ms. Obama's campaign to help America eat and exercise its way to healthiness is a step in the right direction. Americans of all ages are heavier and less physically active than ever - and it's getting worse by the day. The associated costs for everything from healthcare to industrial redesign are a huge burden on the nation's economy. But if we're going to work on improving the nation's collective waistline, blood pressure, etc., let's do it the right way and target the real sources of the overall problem.

Otherwise, the next thing you know even holiday treats might end up on some "watch list."

I'm sure those holiday cookies are made with arugula...

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