Friday, January 3, 2014

On the radio...

A look at the year ahead...

I'll be joining Dave Conglaton (KVEC 920) at 5 p.m. tonight to discuss some of the big events of 2013...and to make some wild predictions about the new year's news.

If you're not near a Central Coast radio, you can listen online here. And don't forget, Dave takes if you'd like to join the discussion, you can call (800) 549-KVEC or (805) 543-8830.

See you on the radio!

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Anonymous said...

Jeff: This is Bob from San Luis, the first caller on your segment with Dave on Friday. While you and I will not be seeing eye to eye on most subjects, I respectfully suggest you look into attempting to modify a behavior that I find somewhat disturbing; I'm talking about your nervous little "laugh" you do on occasion when talking about something you find as a "zing" against your political opposites. You may or may not ever listen to yourself when appearing on radio shows, but I would like to suggest that you go to KVEC's website and listen to the podcast of your segment on Dave's show. Be patient and listen for the nervous laugh I'm talking about, especially the timing of those laughs.
I have, on occasion, done the same sort of laugh; recently I had a confrontational exchange with a neighbor and while she was berating me to my face. When I made a similar, nervous laugh, she said the situation wasn't funny, so why was I laughing? I told her that I had to laugh in order to not get upset because she was being so offensive, if I did not laugh, I was afraid I was going to be much too much unpleasant with her. I was able to walk away rather than allow myself to stoop to her level of nastiness.
Please consider that you don't have to have such a reaction to the reports of the roll-out of the ACA (Obamacare) or other situations of less-than-perfect performance or behavior by members of the Democratic Party. Respectfully, Bob from San Luis