Monday, December 23, 2013

Obamacare's California Portal Has Been Down For Hours...

...Just One Day Ahead Of The Extended Deadline!


With the second consecutive extension to the Obamacare enrollment deadline announced hours ago, one would image the website's designers realized that in what would, hopefully (supposedly) be an epic scramble by tens of thousands, or just tens, of Americans to sign up in the last moment, that there could be a traffic surge and adjust appropriately. So the thinking goes, at least, in theory. In practice, however, for those trying to sign up for socialized healthcare in California, what they are being greeted with, instead, is the socialist equivalent of the BSOD, better known as "ERROR: Sorry, An Error Has Occurred in the System."

And to think the fawning media said so many times that was fixed, that people actually believed the lie.

Below is a screenshot of what everyone who clicks on the "Apply Now" screen in the Covered California state portal.

More Obamacare magic!

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