Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rubbing his face in it...

In case you missed it, Russian Czar-For-However-Long-He-Wants Vladimir Putin had some (new) choice words for the United States and its leader-in-name-only, Barack Hussein Obama, regarding the current stand-off with Syria.

Those words appeared, in of all places, America's "Paper of Record"...aka: the New York Times (aka: the U.S. edition of Pravda).

Read it here...

It appears The Manly One has thrown down the gauntlet...or at least rubbed Mr. Obama's face in it.

Bonus: From the presidential debates last year -- President Obama puts Gov. Mitt Romney in his place, citing Romney calling Russia "a threat." Sheesh. Talk about a guy who's out of touch...

Super bonus: A quick collection of Tweets/reactions to the Putin op-ed:

--Putin's only suggestion to the NYT op-ed editor: "Cut what you need to cut. Just please post it on 9/11."
--This is Putin doing a home run trot pantless in Yankee Stadium.
--"Bad news is Assad bailed on his piece. Good news: We landed Putin!"
--Countdown to Assad’s inevitable “Just try and stop me” NYT op-ed
--The Russian president just trolled an embarrassed United States in its paper of record on September 11th. Everything I love is dead.
--"Vlad there's a typo here." "Are you sure?" (Lowers brow, makes stern face) "Oh no no, my mistake."
--Putin's next act of Obama trolling: a series of YouTube lectures on Constitutional Law
--Only a matter of time before Putin has a Hangout on Google+
--Lay off Putin's op-Ed. Can you write an essay while simultaneously bedding a gymnast and strangling a rare Siberian tiger?
--Putin's take on the situation on the ground in Syria is accurate. On the gas thing, he's been listening to too much Rush Limbaugh.
--Not sure why some people think it's funny a foreign anti-American thug just lectured us using one of America's biggest papers...
--Putin now just basically doing donuts in Obama's front yard.
--Putin wrote that op-ed shirtless, with an enigmatic smirk, and immediately after having someone killed.
--It's a good thing Vladimir Putin followed the letter of international law when it intervened in Georgia. Wait....
--What time is Obama's Op-Ed in Pravda?
--Putin just won the world champion belt in concern trolling...
--The Vladimir Putin op-ed in the @nytimes may contain more chutzpah per square inch than any op-ed in history.

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