Wednesday, November 2, 2011


"Shut it down! Shut it down! Shut it down!"

"Shut it down!" is the cry today throughout downtown Oakland, Calif., as Occupy Oakland protesters take to the streets throughout the city's business district during a one-day general strike.

As marchers make their way through the center of Oakland's finance/business district, the Occupiers stop at most every bank along the way and call for higher taxes on "the 1 percent," the abolition of capitalism, the shutdown of financial institutions...and more (the list of grievances and villains is extensive).

Protesters surround a local Chase branch...

In the clip below, protesters make a stop at the local Bank of America branch and demand it be "shut down."

Protests are expected to continue into the night.

LATE ADD: Below - the windows of the same Bank of America branch in the above video.

UPDATE: Several incidents of vandalism did occur, with broken windows at the Chase Bank at 20th and Webster in Downtown Oakland and the Bank of America branch at Kaiser Center, and spray paint to several buidlings including the Whole Foods at 27th and Oakland Ave.


Anonymous said...

That almost makes me want to get a BofA account. I've already got two banks as it is, though.

Anonymous said...

"To hunt wealth, does not promote common~wealth." Winston Churchill. From his book "Great Contemporaries", his chapter on FDR.

Resource User said...

Shoot one of them dead and this will all stop over night!