Thursday, September 16, 2010

Highly recommended…

From time to time, we here at The Bliss Index® take the time to recommend books, tracts, pamphlets and other publications that will serve to educate and illuminate.

The latest is Restoring the Republic: A Clear, Concise, and Colorful Blueprint for America's Future by Devin Nunes, who just happens to represent California’s 21st congressional district in the San Joaquin Valley. (Full disclosure, Nunes is a regular guest on the John Batchelor Show, which yours truly co- and guest-hosts on occasion.)

In short, “Restoring the Republic” is a wake-up call…and a prescription for what ails America. Featuring firsthand accounts and fresh anecdotes from D.C.’s halls of power, Nunes calls for a return to First Principles and common sense.

"Politicians often merely complain and demagogue instead of offering practical solutions to the problems we face," Nunes writes. "And so nothing gets done; or worse, government gets bigger, Washington grows more powerful, and still the problems grow worse. Either way, everyday people lose."

Elected to Congress in 2002 at age 29, the eight-year House veteran uses his first book to discuss issues ranging from environmentalism to foreign policy; from defense to energy policies; and the federal budget.

One example includes what he thinks it will take for America to achieve economic recovery and become less dependent on foreign energy sources, with Nunes going full-bore at the “environmental lobby.”

"Don't be fooled by their smiley-faced rhetoric about 'sustainability' and 'green jobs',” he writes. “The environmental lobby is peddling extreme, anti-prosperity, big-government socialist policies that would spike energy prices, severely limit energy supplies, kill jobs and depress the American economy for decades to come.”

In a recent piece for the website Big Government, Nunes amplifies upon the book's theme(s): “As the 2010 elections rapidly approach, the Republican leadership must put forward a credible plan that reforms entitlements, simplifies the tax code and has a real energy policy. These policy changes would result in a balanced budget, a shrinking trade deficit, repayment of the national debt and put Americans back to work. History will reward Republicans if we are honest with the American people; but first we must be honest with ourselves.

The party – and the country – would be well-served if the leadership read (and heeded) “Restoring the Republic.”

I recommend you read it, too.

Bonus: Here is Nunes’ recent interview on the TNR network.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA)

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