Friday, July 30, 2010

Big-time radio (tomorrow night)...

Tune in!

Tomorrow night
(Saturday, July 31), I'll be hosting the John Batchelor Show beginning at 6 p.m. Pacific Time. Joining me will be Gordon Chang, my colleague on the show and a columnist for

The line-up:
  • Jon Decker (Reuters TV White House correspondent) - the mood inside the White House and the administration's reaction to the ruling on Arizona's immigration law.
The latest from our man at Reuters...
  • Thomas Henriksen - Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution on "the soft approach" in Afghanistan, and the Wikileaks controversy.
  • Tunku Varadarajan - National Affairs columnist for The Daily Beast on the Wikileaks controversy and the presidency.
  • Larry Johnson - counter-terrorism expert and renowned blogger (No Quarter) on what we can expect from the Wikileaks' fallout.
  • Bob Zimmerman - of the space-oriented website, Behind the Black, on NASA (the economy and how Congress is/isn't funding space exploration).
  • Dan Caldwell - distinguished professor and author on nuclear brinkmanship and proliferation issues.
  • Peter Hartlaub - pop culture critic (San Francisco Chronicle) on current films and the state of Hollywood.
  • Lou Ann Hammond - of will discuss the newly "priced" Chevy Volt as well as other electric vehicles.
  • Joe Astroth - chief education officer (Autodesk) on President Obama's efforts to improve American students' performance, particularly in science, technology, engineering and math.
I hope you'll join us...

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