Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Who has "suffered enough?"

Polanski "On the Lam?" - not any more

Normally, I don't think I'd be venturing into the area(s) of celebrity/crime coverage, but the circus surrounding the arrest and possible extradition of child rapist/sodomizer/drugger & bail jumper Roman Polanski begs for comment...

Well, that and the fact I've done two radio shows (the John Batchelor Show and the Dave Congalton Show - the podcast from the Batchelor show is here) where the hosts, fellow panelists, callers and I discussed Polanski's crimes.

The best piece I've read to date is from American Thinker by Rick Moran. There's just nothing to add to this excellent piece.

The bottom line is Polanski, regardless of his life story or the circumstances surrounding his failed plea deal back in the '70s, needs to be brought back to face a judge.

It wasn't just the rape victim who was "injured" by the assault and his flight from justice, it was all of us.

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