Saturday, October 4, 2008

Unclear On The Concept...

"As U.S. lawmakers consider a $700 billion bailout for Wall Street using public money, many on Main Street are turning against the culture of lavish executive pay, analysts say." You don't say.

"FDIC brokers sale of Wachovia for $2.1 billion, and will take losses. Wells Fargo offers $14.8 billion with no government cost. Guess which one the government likes better?" (HT/

That's not how you're supposed to smoke a cigar...

Geraldo "Jerry Rivers" Rivera:
The mustache was a total loss.

All that talk about Afghanistan? The country's not only been the graveyard of empires, but it also could end up being the burial ground of a certain person's campaign.

Courtesy of the Oralando Sentinel
Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) whispers "sweet
nothings" in the ear of House Speaker Nancy
's (D-Calif.) ear following the passage of
the bailout bill.

Extra: Someone who is unclear on how to correctly celebrate the correct way.

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